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Apple Pay

How do I update my personal and card details?

You can change your personal details including your addresses, email, or phone number at any time. Go to Settings and select Wallet & Apple Pay to update your information.


To update the billing address for a card, go to Settings and select Wallet & Apple Pay, select your card and select the billing address.



I want to update my Husband's working details as he has now retired.  However there is no update link/button to choose to make the change.  Has anyone else been successful in updating personal information.  If so, how.


Hi @SUFI, thanks for getting in touch. Could you let me know which account you hold with us so that I can assist you please?

Hi Ainsley

Sorry for the late reply.  I have car insurance account and its this that I want to update.



You will be able to update this via 'Change Changes' on Your Insurance Account @SUFI. The only time you would be unable to do this is if you are in your renewal cycle, in which case you would have to give us a call. Our number for Car Insurance is 0345 246 2895 (or 0113 820 9990 from a mobile) and our opening hours are 8am - 9pm Mon - Fri and 9am - 5pm Sat - Sun - Thomas