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  1. Re: Chargeback delay

    Posted by JenT55, 21-08-20
    I submitted a claim on 8th June and despite being promised call backs, which never came, I contacted them again to be told that there was a dispute escalation form that they would complete, 4 weeks...
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  2. Re: Chargeback Delay

    Posted by JenT55, 20-07-20
    Take your case to the Financial Ombudsman. After 8 weeks you can go directly to them. Y claim has been with them 6 weeks and I've asked them to send me a deadlock letter if they believe I dont have a...
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  3. Re: chargeback

    Posted by JenT55, 20-07-20
    Thread: chargeback
    Did you hear anything yet. I was told 6 weeks! Communication from Tesco bank has been awful to say the least. Get nowhere on phone because all I hear is I'll escalate it to my manager for a call...
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  4. Re: Anyone know how long chargebacks are taking?

    Posted by JenT55, 14-07-20
    I have been waiting for 2 weeks for a call back from Tesco!I have asked them if they don't feel I have a claim and they are not going to pay to issue me with deadlock letter so that I can then raise...
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