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  1. Most, if not all, credit card providers don't...

    Posted by chaddman30, 05-05-21
    Most, if not all, credit card providers don't allow overpayments (it'll be in the Terms and Conditions somewhere)-I'm also sure I've seen elsewhere doing so also revokes any Section 75 protection in...
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  2. Please do, that's what we are there for. Tesco...

    Posted by chaddman30, 26-04-21
    Thread: Pay+
    Please do, that's what we are there for. Tesco are currently rolling out some new software for their self service checkouts (it'll have a picture on the background e.g. Blueberries) so if it's one of...
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  3. Hello pegerton, May I ask to what issue(s) you...

    Posted by chaddman30, 24-04-21
    Thread: Pay+
    Hello pegerton,

    May I ask to what issue(s) you encountered when you tried to use Pay+ at a self service checkout?


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  4. Current Account Switch Question

    Posted by chaddman30, 11-10-18
    Good evening, I've recently switched my 'B' digital bank account (operated by Clydesdale/Yorkshire Bank) to my Tesco Bank current account and earlier on in the month I forgot to pay some money into...
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  5. Re: Late fee

    Posted by chaddman30, 11-10-18
    Thread: Late fee
    Good evening, In addition to advice sometimes it can take time for the Direct Debit request to be set up; it's not the same for every lender but it's something I've been made aware of in the past...
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  6. Re: New Credit Card User - Available Credit Down by £1?

    Posted by chaddman30, 11-10-18
    Hello 905, One possible suggestion is that one of the retailers has placed a pre-authorisation on your card; such examples include Pay at the Pump fuel transactions. Once the payment has been posted...
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  7. Re: Can I make additional payments to my loan?

    Posted by chaddman30, 02-10-18
    Good afternoon, It is possible to make Faster Payments towards your Tesco Bank loan in terms of overpayments; you can read more about how to do this and the impact it'll have on your remaining...
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  8. Re: How do i link a credit card with a club card?

    Posted by chaddman30, 20-09-18
    Good morning , When you applied for your Tesco Bank credit card did you enter your exisiting Clubcard number as part of the application process? If so your accounts should already be linked. If this...
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  9. Re: Contactless card safety! very concerned

    Posted by chaddman30, 20-07-18
    Hi , I'd also like to mention the fact that many contactless transactions are authorised online now meaning any cards that have been reported lost/stolen and used fraudulently will be flagged up by...
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  10. Re: Balance transfer between Tesco credit cards

    Posted by chaddman30, 05-07-18
    Good evening, Unfortunately am afraid it's not possible to transfer a balance between your Tesco credit cards; this is often the case with other lenders too.
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