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  1. Re: Auto credit increase not applied to account

    Posted by AdamF, 21-08-18
    Hi , I'm sorry that your credit limit increase hasn't went through as expected. This isn't guaranteed and may not apply for a number of different reasons depending on how the account is managed, but...
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  2. Re: Apple Pay issue setting up

    Posted by AdamF, 21-08-18
    Sorry about this, . Before you opt to receive the text, is your phone number showing as correct in the Apple Pay app? There shouldn't be any issues receiving this at the moment. If you'd like to go...
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  3. Re: Loan applications

    Posted by AdamF, 21-08-18
    Hi @Leannecantrill, it sounds like our usual timescales for an update have been exceeded. If you send a private message to with your full name, DOB and postcode we can take a look at the loan app...
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  4. Re: Late Payment on Balance transfer Card : 0% rate lost

    Posted by AdamF, 21-08-18
    Hi , I'm sorry to see of the trouble you had with your direct debit and the impact this has had on you - in order for a direct debit to collect, it would have to be set up prior to the statement for...
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  5. Re: ATM retained card

    Posted by AdamF, 20-08-18
    Hi , any card retained by a cash machine would normally be be destroyed rather than returned for security reasons. We can send a new card and PIN reminder for you if you give us a call on 0345 835...
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  6. Re: Unlock my account

    Posted by AdamF, 20-08-18
    Sorry to see you've been unable to access your online banking . If you send a private message to we'll be able to reset this and get you back online.
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  7. Re: customer service don't pick up the phone!

    Posted by AdamF, 20-08-18
    Sorry you've had trouble getting through to us when you called, . If you have access to online banking you'll be able to order a new card there; from the online banking overview please select the...
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  8. Re: Digital signature

    Posted by AdamF, 16-07-18
    The documents will take a few days to arrive, but once we've received these you'll be updated within 2 - 3 working days.
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  9. Re: Contactless card safety! very concerned

    Posted by AdamF, 15-07-18
    The two points that you raise are correct, however once the card is reported as lost or stolen by the customer, the investigation would then be carried out by our Fraud team, and there's not much...
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  10. Re: Cash transaction fee

    Posted by AdamF, 19-06-18
    Hi , I'm sorry you've been charged this unexpected fee on your account. If this has went through as a cash transaction it is likely to do with how the merchant processes the transaction. If you...
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