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  1. I sent in details of my claim and received an...

    Posted by Andrew1965, 23-06-21
    Thread: Chargeback info
    I sent in details of my claim and received an automated response on 10th August 2020.

    Since then I've heard nothing.

    The email said "We are currently facing high volumes and are aiming to...
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  2. Re: No Google Pay yet? Ridiculous. I'm off

    Posted by Andrew1965, 29-09-20
    What makes it even more annoying is the continued refusal by Tesco to explain themselves. Why won't you support Google Pay? You support Apple Pay, so this makes about as much sense as only accepting...
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  3. Re: Credit card contactless with android pay

    Posted by Andrew1965, 28-10-19
    "I have raised your feedback""At the moment""No plans currently" What you still haven't said is 'why'? Why have you not made this possible for Google users? Or if you like, why won't you say why?!...
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  4. Re: Android Pay / Samsung Pay

    Posted by Andrew1965, 27-12-18
    As far as I know no-one has yet explained why Tesco won't support Google Pay. I can't understand the logic given that you do support Apple Pay. I can accept that there might be a good reason, but why...
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  5. Re: Android Pay / Samsung Pay

    Posted by Andrew1965, 14-06-18
    The question that hasn't been answered is "Why?" Why have you still got this thread marked as "Solved"? Why is it "not in our current pipeline to introduce in the future"? Why do you claim that...
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  6. Re: Android Pay / Samsung Pay

    Posted by Andrew1965, 28-02-17
    As well as passing on the feedback, would you please explain why Tesco has not allowed us to use Android Pay? The arguments in favour seem to be logical and make a good business decision for Tesco,...
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