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  1. Clubcard Pay + Round up to where ...........

    Posted by Worthit, 20-10-21
    So far not been having much luck with this new Clubcard Pay+. Card gets rejected more times than not, not only by my local corner shops but by Tesco's as well. I don't understand the automatic...
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  2. I like the option to convert to Virgin Air Miles...

    Posted by Worthit, 28-09-21
    I like the option to convert to Virgin Air Miles which I took advantage of a few years ago and along with the miles I had built up with Virgin themselves paid in full for an air-ticket to Hong Kong.
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  3. Multiply Clubcard Accounts

    Posted by Worthit, 28-09-21
    With the addition of the Clubcard Pay+ card I took a look at my Clubcard points account and found I have two accounts with different account numbers acquiring points, this prompted me to look at my...
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