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  1. Re: Not receiving One Time Access Code from abroad

    Posted by cornel99, 05-03-20
    Are you sure your phone is not in Flight mode, and can receive texts/phone calls in USA? Some providers such as SIMPLY require you to change some settings on your phone before you can use it abroad,...
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  2. Re: Tesco credit cards do not add ckubcard points when using them contactless at a tesco till

    Posted by cornel99, 05-03-20
    Normally I get a prompt after the first scan asking if I want to pay with the card. Are you sure you scanned and paid with the same card?I also seem to remember that Tesco stopped giving points for...
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  3. how can we nominate a beneficiary community group or charity ?

    Posted by cornel99, 05-03-20
    How can I nominate a beneficiary community group or charity for any clubcard ponts earned? Help, I could not find out if this is possible or how to do it.
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  4. problem with password being shown in messages received by text

    Posted by cornel99, 05-03-20
    Tesco Bank sends me a text a few days before next direct debit is due. That's great. But there seems to be a bug somewhere in the system because the message instead of showing my username it...
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  5. Impovement suggestion for blocking and unblocking a card via the App

    Posted by cornel99, 05-03-20
    When a card is blocked it will be declined when trying to make a payment. That's great, but no reason is given why the payment is being declined. It would be very useful to get a text to remind you...
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