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  1. Mastercard response

    Posted by Sheena1975, 18-12-20
    Hi, my chargeback claim has jumped through various hoops and at last check (sometime in October) it had been referred to MasterCard! I was told it could take up to 3 months but was wondering if...
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  2. Hi Sarah my favourite is the remake of...

    Posted by Sheena1975, 11-12-20
    Hi Sarah

    my favourite is the remake of ‘miracle on 34th street’ it’s tradition to watch it Christmas Eve with a full on hot chocolate - cream marshmallows the works xx
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  3. Im normally an avid fan of the show but this year...

    Posted by Sheena1975, 11-12-20
    Im normally an avid fan of the show but this year just couldn’t get into it - watched one and never bothered after that, I do find that I know less of the celebrities ever year (must be getting old...
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  4. Hi sarah i do home made hampers at Christmas,...

    Posted by Sheena1975, 11-12-20
    Hi sarah

    i do home made hampers at Christmas, jams, chutneys and a cake! Cake can vary depending what mood Im in last year was a lemon drizzle cake but this year have found an amazing recipe for a...
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  5. Hi Sending a private message really is the way...

    Posted by Sheena1975, 21-10-20

    Sending a private message really is the way to go as they can give you an update as to whats going on. My claim was refunded in 10 weeks however it was then disputed by the supplier so the...
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  6. ​​​​​​​thanks, i found it xx

    Posted by Sheena1975, 21-10-20
    ​​​​​​​thanks, i found it xx
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  7. Re: Dispute reported for goods not received but no response from Tesco

    Posted by Sheena1975, 06-10-20
    Hi Try not to lose heart if it takes longer than 6 weeks, my claim took 10 weeks but the supplier then has 45 days to dispute the charge back which they did about day 42!!! so then had to wait...
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  8. Re: Charge Back

    Posted by Sheena1975, 06-10-20
    Thread: Charge Back
    Hi Yes sadly things are taking longer than 6 weeks at the moment, it would probably be a good idea if Tesco changed the automated response to reflect that. If you send a private message to they...
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  9. Re: Tesco Bank Dispute

    Posted by Sheena1975, 01-10-20
    Hi Try not to get disheartened by messages you see on here, yes it is taking longer than 6 weeks and its hard to speak to anyone on the phone, as has advised send a PM to and someone will liaise...
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  10. Re: Swift code on Credit Card

    Posted by Sheena1975, 01-10-20
    Hi Surely if you paid by the credit they are refunding to they should have your details in their system? They should be able to do a simple refund to that account? I frequently shop overseas and...
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