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  1. Re: Thomas Cook Update

    Posted by Oliversweb, 31-10-19
    Anisley, You mentioned "We don't have a timescale for when the claims will be processed at the moment" ... do you have a timescale now? Would be good to have some form of communication from Tesco's...
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  2. Re: Thomas Cook Update

    Posted by Oliversweb, 12-10-19
    Hi I submitted my claim on the 24th Sept but so far have only received automated responses, so a) how do I know that the information I have supplied you is all you need and correct and being...
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  3. Can't add new joint online savings bank account to my list of accounts

    Posted by Oliversweb, 07-03-19
    I recently have setup a joint account in mine and my wifes name but when she logs into her account online and attempts to add the account to her list of accounts it only allows to add a new credita...
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