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  1. Tesco Pay+ App Slow on Android

    Posted by Phil, 09-07-19
    Hi I just wanted to raise the issue of the loading up speed for the 'Android' version of the Tesco Pay+ app. The app has been getting slower for quite a while now but now it is just extremely slow...
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  2. Re: Our New Android App Design

    Posted by Phil, 06-08-18
    Thanks, I have the new app now. It's good that it matches with the Tesco branding but it seems to have lost its charm. It's too clinical. Before you have a different colour and graphic for each of...
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  3. Re: Our New Android App Design

    Posted by Phil, 30-07-18
    Looks great but there is no update. Our phones still have the old App. Do you need to release an update in order for us to receive the new design? I would like to see pending transactions and...
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  4. Re: The new look for our iOS Mobile App

    Posted by Phil, 24-07-18
    Hi , if you look at the original post, @Markymark2704 is talking about the new look version of the App which was released to iOS users back in February. It was stated back then that Android users...
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  5. Re: The new look for our iOS Mobile App

    Posted by Phil, 21-06-18
    When is the new look mobile app available on Android? It's been months!
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  6. Tesco Current Account New Extra Points at Tesco with PayQuiq?

    Posted by Phil, 29-03-17
    Hi, As we know, from 1st April the Tesco Bank Current Account offers the 3% interest guarantee and extra Clubcard points when you spend with it at Tesco. That's 1 point per £1 spent with the card on...
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  7. Re: Contactless and Apple Pay

    Posted by Phil, 13-09-16
    I have a Tesco Finest World Mastercard, can this be a contactless card as well?
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  8. Re: Applying Second Current Account

    Posted by Phil, 03-05-16
    Thanks for your reply. Just out of curiousity, will the second account also appear within my Tesco Bank app as I already have an account? Thanks.
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  9. Applying Second Current Account

    Posted by Phil, 29-04-16
    As mentioned in another post 'Opening Second Current Account', to apply for a second account you need to be a Current Account customer and then apply online. I followed these simple steps but...
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  10. Reporting a Faulty Cash Machine

    Posted by Phil, 23-03-16
    Hi, I've noticed the Cash Machine at my local Tesco Express keeps going blank! Sometimes its on and sometimes it looks like its off. I have stopped using it as a result. Who can we report faulty...
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