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  1. British Airways Executive Club loss

    Posted by pegerton, 12-10-20
    Rather peeved that Clubcard has decided to drop British Airways Executive Club Avios points from its partners wef 18 January. Its the one and only reason I took out a Clubcard in the first place. I...
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  2. Re: Clubcard Voucher's

    Posted by pegerton, 24-09-20
    I have been exchanging Clubcard Vouchers for Avios miles (now British Airways Executive Club Avios) for many years now to save up for a trip of a lifetime for my wife and I to go to New Zealand. What...
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  3. Benefits of belonging to the Community

    Posted by pegerton, 23-09-20
    Could the Admin Team please explain what are the benefits of being part of the Community? The only alerts I seem to be receiving relate to complaints by Tesco Bank customers that they have either...
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  4. Experiences in using your Tesco Credit Card Abroad

    Posted by pegerton, 14-08-20
    Just come back from a holiday in France in my caravan. By necessity, the only way of getting fuel for the car was at 24 hour pumps with payment by card. In every case, my card was accepted at the...
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  5. Re: what was the best thing you used your clubcard points for?

    Posted by pegerton, 11-06-20
    Aviemore also has the lovely Strathspey Steam Railway which offers an enjoyable ride through some lovely scenery.
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  6. Re: what was the best thing you used your clubcard points for?

    Posted by pegerton, 11-06-20
    I convert my Clubcard points into BA Executive Club miles as I'm saving for a trip of a lifetime to New Zealand. Its taken many years of saving not only Tesco Clubcard points but also others that...
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  7. Re: Petrol pump attendants

    Posted by pegerton, 11-06-20
    I nearly always pay at the pump and only use the attendants when I have a Tesco money off voucher to redeem when the store are running one of their promotions when you get money off fuel if you spend...
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  8. Re: Has anyone else found obtaining rice milk and other dairy and gluten free items difficult

    Posted by pegerton, 24-05-20
    Yes, Tesco's re-ordering of depleted stock is appallingly bad. I regularly buy Tesco own brand unsweetened soya drink but often my local Branch is out of stock. Annoying, as it seems not to be a...
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  9. Re: Tesco reward partner codes are now valid for 12 month

    Posted by pegerton, 20-05-20
    As I have been a long-time converter of rewards to British Airways Executive Club miles and before it, Avios, it would be helpful to know if this scheme is being discontinued or put on hold during...
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  10. Clubcard Points donations

    Posted by pegerton, 20-05-20
    Has Tesco considered setting up a scheme whereby Clubcard holders can, if they wish, donate their Clubcard Rewards to a recognised charity or community group? As Secretary of my local Men's Shed and...
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