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  1. Re: Event Postponement and refund

    Posted by AlexO, 09-08-20
    Hi , this would be one best put to our Disputes Team directly for their expert advice. You can reach them on 0345 366 2711 (Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm)
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  2. Re: Would Tesco introduce a foreign transactions credit card?

    Posted by AlexO, 25-07-20
    Hi , when you are signed up to Clubcard Plus, you are able to apply for our Clubcard Plus credit card. This card has no fees on any foreign transactions. I've linked it below for you

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  3. Re: Charges

    Posted by AlexO, 04-07-20
    Thread: Charges
    Hi , you will receive an overlimit charge on your statement when your balance has exceeded your limit at any point during that month
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  4. Re: Intrest charge on my credit card during Covid19 payment break

    Posted by AlexO, 26-06-20
    Hi , sorry to hear about this. Was your card on a 0% rate before taking the payment break or did you normally have interest on the balance each month?
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  5. Re: Balance Transfer to Next Storecard

    Posted by AlexO, 25-04-20
    Hi , for Next Storecard's you need to give us a call so we can get the transfer sorted for you as the account reference for your Next will be a bit different to our normal 16 digit ones. You can...
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  6. Re: Offers on balance transfer

    Posted by AlexO, 24-04-20
    Hi Kelly, sorry you've not received any 0% rates through from us. We use a mix of what the credit reference agencies tell us about your credit file and our own record of the management of the...
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  7. Re: Flybe

    Posted by AlexO, 19-04-20
    Thread: Flybe
    Hi , as soon as we have an update on any dispute claim, we will be in touch. I can only apologise for any delay as we work with a reduced number of colleagues but we will get it sorted for you as...
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  8. Re: Foreign Transaction Fee - Refund Query

    Posted by AlexO, 18-04-20
    Hi , so sorry to hear your holiday likely won't be going ahead! Your foreign transaction fee was the charge for using your card in another currency and I'm afraid a refund wouldn't remove the charge....
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  9. Re: Stopping company taking credit card payment

    Posted by AlexO, 05-04-20
    Hi , so sorry to hear you can't go on your holiday and I hope you are all well again soon. I'm afraid there isn't really a way for us to stop this payment as you have provided them with the details...
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  10. Re: how to delete a payee when online banking on a PC ?

    Posted by AlexO, 03-04-20
    Hi , the advice given previously is still up to date. Login to your online banking, select your current account, then 'manage account', select the current account you want to access, then from the...
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