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  1. Cash Payment into bank account no longer immediately

    Posted by topsy75, 17-11-16
    Before now, if a pay cash into my bank account at my local Tesco, money usually goes in immediately. This true for the past two years since I joined Tesco bank. But after Nov 7th, everything has...
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  2. Re: Apple Pay is here!

    Posted by topsy75, 17-11-15
    I am kind of sad that I won't be able to use my Debit Card at the moment. Hmm, it makes me feel like we are second class citizen. I would have thought is the same technology. If you could implement...
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  3. Re: Apple Pay is coming!

    Posted by topsy75, 14-11-15
    That is Fantastic. I can imagine the reason why it's next year is because contactless payment will be widely available in all Tesco stores outside london. Tesco Hampton Peterborough definatly not...
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  4. Pay Mobile or Pay Contact

    Posted by topsy75, 08-08-15
    I don't know if this topic have been discussed here before. Does Tesco Bank surpport Pay Mobile or Pay Contact whichever comes first. It will be great to have same benefits as other banks.
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  5. Re: Proper Bank account

    Posted by topsy75, 06-07-15
    Thanks for your reply. I know all these. Just hope Tesco, one day will implement my suggestion. You know what I mean. You sure do have an account with one of these big banks. Make payment, make...
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  6. Proper Bank account

    Posted by topsy75, 28-06-15
    Why don't we have Direct Debits and Standing Order section like every other banks. Why don't you seperate them for easy understanding. Make payment section, set up standing order and so on. This...
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