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  1. Opening a new ISA

    Posted by Akiainavas, 15-04-19
    Hi, I have an existing ISA account with Tesco Bank which I opened a year ago. There's a new one now -same product but with interest rate 0.25% higher than my current account. Is it possible to open...
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  2. Account Merge - Abysmal Customer Service

    Posted by Akiainavas, 17-02-19
    I switched to Tesco Bank last may and since then experienced an issue with my accounts where my current account was under 1 login while my saving and credit products under another. This has led to me...
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  3. Can I cancel my loan by not signing the paperwork?

    Posted by Akiainavas, 25-11-18
    “Please note: your loan offer is valid for 30 days from the date you applied, so it's important you return your documents to us before your offer expires.”

    Out of curiosity. If i change my mind,...
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  4. How to file a complaint ?

    Posted by Akiainavas, 24-10-18
    Hi, My case is very simple - I have a credit card, current account and a savings account with you -switched to Tesco from Barclays due to your attractive offer, however, credit card and savings...
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  5. Cannot Add my Account to Existing Login

    Posted by Akiainavas, 14-08-18
    Hi, I recently switched to Tesco Bank and opened a current account with you. I previously held a credit card and also opened a savings account as well as transferred my ISA to Tesco. I have 2 logins...
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  6. Re: Our New Android App Design

    Posted by Akiainavas, 27-07-18
    Great app. Left my previous bank due to realy lousy app...

    Here’s a few suggestions though:

    - In the mobile app, can we see the interest rate of our accounts on the summary screen?

    - Can we...
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