• How do I maintain my property and keep it safe?

    If you don’t look after your home and something unexpected happens, we might not be able to pay you for a claim. Regular maintenance of your home can prevent or minimise damage, so here are some things you can do:
    • Clear out gutters and drains which can cause blockages and could lead to flooding.
    • Check your roof for missing, loose or cracked tiles and get them fixed before potential bad weather.
    • Check for and repair faulty workmanship.
    • Make sure exposed pipes are insulated or lagged to protect against freezing.
    • Make sure foliage doesn’t become overgrown.
    • Ensure grouting and sealant is at a reasonable standard to protect the home against leaks.
    • Secure garden furniture so it doesn’t blow away in high winds and cause damage to your garden or property.
    • Ensure external walls are maintained and clear/remove leaves and debris. This will prevent damp.
    • Ensure heating is turned on during the winter to avoid frozen and burst pipes.
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