• What happens to my existing Clubcard account if I open Clubcard Pay?

    We will link your new Clubcard Pay Clubcard number to your existing Clubcard account. You will not lose any Clubcard points by applying for Clubcard Pay. If you can't see your Clubcard points in the Tesco Bank Mobile Banking App, or if you have more than one Clubcard please call our Clubcard Customer Services team to make sure these accounts have been linked.
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    1. DN136 -
      My husband and I have a joint Clubcard account. I upgraded to Clubcard Pay and I can’t transfer money to it, does my husband also have to upgrade before I can activate/use the account? If he won’t upgrade can I get a separate Clubcard Pay account?
    1. KellyT -
      Hi @DN136, sorry to hear about that. Have you completed the application and received your card/PIN? Your husband wouldn't need to upgrade to Clubcard Pay to allow you to activate and use your account. Can you please let me know a little bit more about the issue you're having when trying to make the transfer?
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