• I’ve moved to a new build, why can’t I change my address online?

    If you have tried to update your address via Your Insurance Account for either your Tesco Bank Car or Home insurance policy and you receive an error message, it may be that we cannot locate your new address.

    Should this happen, please contact us.
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    1. Ciprian -
      Hi ,i moved in new house, my postcode is not recognised
    1. ChristinaG -
      Hi @Ciprian, sorry to hear this. Can you please send us a private message so we can help you with this?
    1. Claire74 -
      Yes please can you help with this

      - - - Updated - - -

      My postcode is not recognised as I have moved in to a new build
    1. TrinhO -
      Hi @Claire74 , thanks for getting in touch. Please give us a quick call so that we can help with this. I have popped our contact telephone numbers below :)

      Home Insurance - 0345 246 2904 (Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm, Sat - Sun: 9am - 2pm)

      Car Insurance - 0345 246 2895 (Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm, Sat - Sun: 9am - 2pm)
    1. Bunnykins -
      I've moved to a new build but my address isn't recognised - please help me update my policy

    1. ChristopherP -
      Hey @Bunnykins, thanks for your message. You'll need to call us so we can change this manually for you. Which type of insurance do you hold with us?
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