• Why do you need my phone number to register for Your Insurance Account?

    To register for Your Insurance Account we'll need either a mobile or landline number so we can send you a One Time Access Code. This code is to make sure only you have access to your insurance documents and access to make changes to your insurance policy.
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    1. sarahparkin's Avatar
      sarahparkin -
      I have my certificate of no claims for my car insurance how do I send it to you ?
    1. TrinhO's Avatar
      TrinhO -
      Hi @sarahparkin , thanks for getting in touch. There are a few ways you can send us your proof of your No Claims Discount (NCD). You can upload a copy via Your Insurance Account by selecting ‘Upload Document’ > ‘Add files’. If it’s more convenient, you can take a photograph of the document and forward it as an attachment to ncd@tescobank.com. If you do choose to email, please include your surname and policy number in the subject box :) - Trinh
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