• What factors will influence the cost of my pet insurance?

    These can include but are not limited to:

    • The breed of your pet because some breeds are more susceptible to certain medical conditions than others. For example, breeds which tend to be large are generally more prone to bone and joint problems

    • The age of your pet because, just like people, older animals are more likely to suffer from medical problems such as heart and kidney diseases and arthritis.

    • The area you live in. This can influence the cost of vet fees - one of the main reasons people claim on their pet insurance.
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    1. TeresaBowditch -
      Please can someone contact me in regard to my clients pet insurance - policy no RSAP5693168200. I need to know what the insurance covers and that I am getting the best deal for my client. Client's name is Teresa Bowditch, mine is Annemarie and I am Teresa's appointee working for the court of protection team at Wiltshire Council. I can be contacted via email: annemarie.mcconaghy@wiltshire.gov.uk or phone 01249 706345. Many thanks.
    1. ChristopherP -
      You'll need to contact the Pet Insurance team directly for this, @TeresaBowditch. You can reach them on 0345 078 3895 (Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm) or by contacting tesco.petinsurance@uk.rsagroup.com. Hope this helps.
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