• Can other people drive my car under my policy?

    Anyone who drives your car should be named on your policy as an additional driver.

    You can add a driver by logging into Your Insurance Account. Adding additional drivers to your insurance could increase the overall cost of your policy but you will not be charged a fee when completing via this service. ​​​​​​​The individual panel insurer reserves the right to refuse cover based on the age, licence, residency and experience of the proposed additional driver.

    Please see our existing FAQ 'How do I add an additional driver to my policy?' for instructions on how to do this.

    If you want to add a temporary driver, this can be added to your policy up to a maximum of 28 or 30 days over the policy year (depending on your insurance underwriter). To do this, you will need to contact our Customer Service team and have your policy number ready. An administration fee will be applied and must be paid in addition to any change in premium.

    This answer specifically relates to Tesco Bank Car Insurance and does not apply to policies underwritten by Zenith. For an answer relating to Tesco Bank Box Insurance please select the Box Insurance FAQ category or try using the search box at the top.
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