• What excesses do I have to pay on my Car Insurance?

    The excess you will need to pay will depend on the level of cover you have and what type of claim you make. You can choose what voluntary excess you have when taking out your policy and if you want to amend your excess at a later date, this can only be done in conjunction with a change of vehicle or at renewal. If you have a compulsory excess, this will need to be paid in addition to your voluntary excess, so please ensure you can afford to pay the total excess in the event of a claim.

    If you already have a policy, you can log in to Your Insurance Account, select the policy and your excesses will be displayed on the home page. Alternatively, your excesses can be found on your insurance schedule. If you are completing an online quote, they appear on the excess table on the page titled ‘Your Policy’.

    For more information on Car Insurance excesses, you can view the following FAQ: What is the difference between a voluntary and compulsory excess?

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