• Can I choose my repayment date?

    Yes, you can choose any date between 1st and 25th of the month. Just let us know your preferred payment date when you apply and we'll arrange it for you. Your first payment must be made between 15 and 45 days after you receive your money.

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    1. Pia138UK -
      Please change payment date to every 1st of the month for me.
      thank you
      P COTTLE


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      Please help me change my repayment of loan from 25th to First of every month

      ​​​​​​​Thank you
    1. CherylV -
      Hey @Pia138UK, thank you for getting in touch. I’m afraid we’re not able to change this here. You’d need to give us a call to change your payment date. If it’s for a loan, please give the Loans Team a call on 0345 600 6016 (Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm, Sat-Sun: 9am-2pm) and my colleagues will be happy to help. I’m sorry for the inconvenience - Cheryl
    1. Pia138UK -
      OK thank you
      ​​​​​​​I will ring them tomorrow xxx
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