• What do I need to do to pay with my credit card online?

    When paying online with your credit card, we might need to check its you making the purchase by sending a one time passcode to your phone. This is an extra layer of security for online card payments.
    We will ask you to choose your phone number and we’ll send you a code. We’ll then prompt you to enter the code online to confirm its you.
    You must not share this security code with anyone else.
    To make sure you’re able to make payments online, we need the correct number(s) for you and your additional cardholder(s). If you need to update your contact number, please refer to our FAQ 'How do I update my phone number’.
    Read more about our secure online card payments.
    Some other things to consider:
    • If you don’t have a mobile phone you can choose for us to send the code to a landline number
    • The code can take a little bit of time to arrive. Make sure your phone is able to receive the code and then wait a few minutes. If you still don’t receive it then ask us to send a new code.
    • If you are using your phone abroad, even if it is a UK mobile number, this could cause a delay in receiving the code.

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