• What's changed about my Premium Credit Card?

    From 1st February 2019 there were some changes to your Premium Credit Card. These changes would have come into effect from your first anniversary after this date. We wrote to you to confirm exactly when this would have happened. You now have updated benefits and a new set of Terms and conditions.
    Here's what's changed:

    • We’ve lowered your annual fee to £36 per year. This fee will be charged on the statement issued in the anniversary month of your account opening.

    • We’ve removed Travel Insurance as a benefit. Travel insurance was removed as a benefit from the Premium Credit Card as Tesco Bank no longer provide Travel Insurance.

    • We’ve updated the bonus Tesco Clubcard points benefit. If you spend £2,500 in qualifying spend on your Premium Credit Card at Tesco in any year you will collect 2,500 bonus Clubcard points. Terms and conditions apply. See your benefits terms and conditions for details.

    • Nothing else has changed. You’ll still have your other Premium Credit Card benefits and your Clubcard points collection rate will also remain the same.

    I’ve already submitted a claim on my Travel Insurance. Will this be honoured?
    Any claims that arose prior to your Travel Insurance expiry date will be processed in the usual manner.
    What happens if I want to continue to have Travel Insurance?
    We are not able to provide you with an alternative policy, you will need to make other arrangements for your Travel Insurance.
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