• Chargebacks

    A chargeback is a form of customer protection provided by Credit Card company's under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. There could be a number of reasons why you might want to raise a chargeback request, here is some of the common scenarios:

    • The item or service you have received was not as described
    • The item received is damaged
    • You received an incorrect item
    • When you haven't received the item paid for or where the service paid for and not received
    • If you have been charged twice for the same product or service

    If you have been unable to resolve the issue with the company directly, you can raise a chargeback request by calling us on 0345 300 4248 (open 24/7). This must be 30 days from the day the transaction was made or from when the item or service was received and didn't meet the agreed criteria.

    If the transaction is under £100 you only have 60 days to raise this as a dispute, but if the transaction is over £100 you have 6 years to raise this with us. Please keep all evidence such as receipts and email correspondence you have with the company involved.
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    1. annand56 -
      How can I find out what is happening about a chargeback claim? I have not received any answer to any messages and tried phoning the helpline number but couldnt get any definite answer
    1. ajcbrudenell -
      I called the number for chargebacks on this article and was told to fill in a form on this site. Where is the form?
    1. ChristopherP -
      Hey ajcbrudenell, thanks for getting in touch. So I can provide you with the correct form, can you confirm what the charge-back relates to?
    1. GailAA -
      Why is the form not easily accessable.
      After being asked to join this site to access the form it is NOT easily accessable - totally frustrating
    1. TrinhO -
      Hi @GailAA , I'm sorry you are having issues locating the form. If you can tell me what your dispute relates to, I can provide you with the correct link.
    1. GailAA -
      I have resorted to another method of contact.
      Problem still not resolved but if we continue in this way of communiction I fear a lot of people will just give up.
    1. FrankL -
      Similar to other posts, we submitted a chargeback form as instructed following a transaction in August 2020, despite further emails to disputes, no response has been received nor refund made. TESCOS what are you doing about this total lack of service?
    1. ChristopherP -
      I have replied to your private message @FrankL
    1. WGibson -
      Hi, I filled in the form a while ago but have not heard back, please can you help? Thank you.
    1. TrinhO -
      Hi @WGibson, I'm sorry to hear this. Please send us a private message so that we can look into this for you.
    1. IreneMcCourt -
      Quote Originally Posted by ChristopherP View Post
      Hey ajcbrudenell, thanks for getting in touch. So I can provide you with the correct form, can you confirm what the charge-back relates to?

      Hi where can I get a form to claim a charge back?

      - - - Updated - - -

      Hi, I ordered an item and when it came it was damaged. When I emailed the company they said they would send me out another one but that was more than 2 weeks ago and I have received nothing, also they have ignored the other messages I have sent. For this reason I would like to instigate a charge back.
    1. KellyT -
      Hi @IreneMcCourt, I’m sorry to hear that. You can find all of the information you need and raise a claim through the link below. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

    1. viccee -
      Credit Card Chargeback: Received a text message from Tesco Bank, 12/03/21, informing me that my chargeback has been processed and refunded to my account. When will the credit appear in my account?
    1. KellyT -
      Hi @viccee, thanks for getting in touch. Can you please send over a private message to @Tesco-Bank ? We'll then be able to take a closer look.
    1. munish1000 -
      Hi just wondering if we pay wedding deposit (which is next year) or other payments in advance, will it be protected if venue etc goes out of business for any reason? As due to corona allot of businesses shutting down. Thanks
    1. TrinhO -
      Hi @munish1000 , thanks for getting in touch. In the event this happens, you may be able to claim the funds back by raising a dispute. I've popped a link below with some more information which you may find useful :)

    1. IslaW -
      Hello, I recently submitted a chargeback request for counterfeit goods and and have submitted additional information as requested, but have received no reply. Please can you help?
    1. KellyT -
      Hi @IslaW, sorry to hear you've not received a further update yet. Please send us over a private message to @Tesco-Bank and I'll do my best to help :)
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