• Why have you declined my transaction?

    Sometimes your payments might be declined, this could be because:

    • Insufficient funds. If there isn't enough available credit or you are over your limit then we may decline your transaction. Please check you have sufficient funds available to cover the transaction.
    • You could have pending payments available which impact your available balance.
    • An error with the merchant bank, something which we have no control over. If you have checked your available balance and there is sufficient funds available then you will need to query this with the merchant bank.
    • If this is an online transaction, please check you have entered your card details correctly. If anything is entered incorrectly then your transaction will be declined.
    • If you have entered your One Time Access Code (OTAC)incorrectly
    • If you have not received your OTAC then please log into Online Banking and check we have your up to date mobile number. Please refer to our existing FAQ How do I update my address, email and phone number online? on how to do this if you're unsure.
    • Occasionally we can decline a transaction as a fraud prevention measure. If we do this we will send you a text asking you to reply. If this is a genuine transaction you will need to confirm this. We recommend allowing 5 minutes after sending your text before processing the transaction again.
    • You are in arrears and with our Collections team (due to outstanding payment).

    If you are still experiencing further issues then you will need to contact Customer Services.
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