• What will my credit limit be?

    The minimum credit limit on your account will be £250.
    Your credit limit is determined by a combination of things, including your credit history and other details from your application.
    Your credit limit will be confirmed once your application has been accepted. If you want to increase your credit limit after your application then you can do so by logging in to our app, in to Online Banking or by giving us a call. You can only increase your credit limit 6 months after you receive your credit card and then every 10 months thereafter. Please note, if you have more than one credit card with us then you are unable to request an increase but we may be able to transfer limits between cards.
    To find out more about increasing your credit limit, have a look at the following FAQ:
    How can I increase or decrease my credit limit?
    By requesting a credit limit increase you are authorising us to review your credit history and any other relevant information required to process your request, which will not impact your credit score.
    Please carefully consider if you need a higher limit as it may increase the risk of taking on too much debt, which may be costly or take a long time to pay off.
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