• How do I add a payee in the mobile app?

    Adding a payee in our Mobile Banking App is simple. Please follow these instructions:

    1. Head to the Move Money section and then select Payments.

    2. On this screen you will see a + icon that will take you to the add payee process. On iOS this can be found in your payee list, and on Android this can be found in the top right hand corner of the screen.

    3. Next you will need to fill out your new payee’s full name, nickname, sort code and account number.

    4. Press Add Payee and that’s you finished. You can make a payment to your new payee immediately and you can come back and delete your payee at any time by pressing the trashcan icon on the payments screen.

    If you have a savings account, you can only add new linked accounts using Online Banking.
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